A Quick Look At The Latest NAR Commercial Benefits And Updates

The new Realtor.Org

Let’s take a look at the latest in NAR Commercial member benefits, online resources and advocacy.

NAR Treasurer Bill Armstrong’s Latest Podcast

Titled “Advocacy and Advantage”, in his latest podcast Bill outlines NAR’s Commercial’s latest efforts on Capitol Hill.  Advocacy in Congress has focused on new legislation to allow credit unions to increase lending caps.  As we’ve gone over several times here at The Source, credit availability is the biggest sticking point holding back a full recovery in the CRE industry.  NAR support for increase of lending caps has led to promises of a vote very soon.   Also on NAR’s advocacy docket is support for legislation to create a covered bond market Already in successful use in Canada and Europe, covered bonds would increase credit to the CRE industry by allowing banks to issue pools of high-quality assets backed by both the bank’s promise to repay as well as by the assets pledged as collateral.  Listen to the latest from Bill at the podcast here.

The New Realtor.Org

Members have a lot to like in NAR’s new website at Realtor.Org.  Not just a facelift, this is a ground-up rethinking of how to deliver member benefit, which is of special interest to commercial members.  While the residential and commercial issues in our industry overlap somewhat, it’s a constant challenge to satisfy the interests of individual members and their disparate backgrounds.  The new website addresses this nicely by allowing members to customize it to fit their own needs.  Cool!

New NAR Rewards Program: MVP

Not only can commercial practitioners customize the kind of news they wish to receive, they can earn rewards while doing it.  To encourage commercial members to take action on the issues that affect the commercial property industry, NAR has rolled out the Member Value Plus program, or MVP.  To learn more, check out the what, how, when and why at http://www.realtor.org/mvp.

REALTOR Rally To Protect The American Dream and Midyear Expo

Make your voice heard on May 17th in Washington at the REALTOR® Rally To Protect The American Dram.  The site has been moved to the base of the Washington Monument – get all the details at the REALTOR® Rally website.  And we hope to see you at the NAR Midyear Legislative Meetings and Trade Expo also in DC May 14-19th.

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