7 Hot Tips for Successful Presentations


This week’s IREM post comes from Shannon Alter, CPM.   Ms. Alter works with real estate management companies to strategically grow their businesses and implement client solutions. Find out more about Alter Consulting Group.



1. Start with a Bang! Grab your audience’s interest with a story, quote or an interesting bit of information at the start and they’ll stay with you for the long run.

2.  Get focused: You’ve gotta start somewhere, so begin by zeroing in on your topic. To make sure you’ll stay on track, outline, outline, outline. Use paper, a whiteboard or your smart phone, but do it. Once you’ve accomplished that, take out your pen and edit, edit, edit.

3.  Know your audience: Who are you there to talk to? Whether you’re talking to a potential client, a team of employees or a huge group, knowing what your audience is looking for in advance can make a world of difference.

4. Know your stuff: Your ship will sink faster than the Titanic if you don’t know your material backwards, forwards and yes, even upside down. Do your homework and make sure your material is bullet-proof.

5.  Weave in examples: Straight lecturing can be sleep-inducing. People want to learn from your experiences. It’s much more valuable if you can use stories or examples to illustrate and support your points. They want to hear about what has worked and what hasn’t worked. Try it and see how your topic comes to life!

6.  Don’t read! Nothing can kill a speech or meeting faster than if you read your material. Your audience can do that for themselves. It’s your job to fill in what’s between the lines and tell them the real story.

7. Get in front of a mirror: Your speech may not always come out the way it’s written, so try your talk in front of a mirror to see how you sound and look. Better yet, videotape yourself. Rehearsal ALWAYS pays off!

Learn more about successful presentations and meet Ms. Alter on Friday, October 12 10:30 am – 12:00 pm at the IREM Fall Leadership Conference.

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