2016 NAR Commercial Member Profile

Browsing through all 100+ pages of the 2016 NAR Commercial Member Profile released yesterday, I was struck by two things: a pipeline and a piano. (Correction for clarity: I wasn’t actually struck by anything, thankfully nothing as sizable as a piano. But I did notice two things right away.)


Chart from NAR Commercial 2016 Member Profile

The data on transactions among Members arranged by years in the industry point to an enduring rule in the commercial real estate business about the transaction pipeline for new professionals.  We can boil down the rule this way:  the data says it’s going to take new folks about two years to hit their stride in terms of transactions, as it takes those two years for their deal pipeline to move to a “new normal” where transaction volume begins to resemble performance of more veteran careers. In other words, hang in there, new people. Keep adding value and being there for clients and the rewards will come.


The report comes this year accompanied by a nice video clip hitting the report highlights. It’s a solid bit of infographic work, but what caught my ear was the inspirational piano music.

The music was at once familiar and new. I couldn’t place it, so I pulled out my smart phone and used the music-identifying app Shazam  to try and discover the title.

That’s when Shazam did something I’ve never seen it do before: it became very confused. At first it identified the track as “Señor Blues”, a classic jazz recording from the late 1950s by the Horace Silver Quintet. Right away I knew it couldn’t be that — for one thing, the recording is too digitally pristine to be from the 50s.

So I tried again. This time, Shazam placed it as Beethoven’s Romance No.2 in F Major. Get a grip, Shazam. Not even close.

Tried once more, and one more Shazam busted: it said we were listening to 19th-century Czech composer Bedrich Smatana’s “The Little Onion”.  Incorrect, even if the title did pick up on the fact that I was hungry.

I guess even Shazam needs a couple of days off. Have a good weekend, everybody.

Source: 2016 Commercial Member Profile | realtor.org