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REIT Growth: Video With Jim Cramer And David Brain

Wherein CNBC’s favorite slapper, dinger and yelper Jim Cramer sits down to talk Real Estate Investment Trusts with David Brain, CEO of Entertainment Properties Trust. Brain manages portfolios ranging from movie theaters to recreational properties to charter schools.  REITs are on the rise yet again, and commercial brokers have a greater role than ever in driving that market.  Check out how in this clip.

NAR 2011 Commercial Programming Preview: Getting Started In Commercial Brokerage

Robert McComb

Everybody who’s in commercial real estate got their start somewhere.  Get yours in Anaheim at NAR’s REALTORS® Conference & Expo Nov. 11-14 by attending Robert McComb’s talk “Getting Started in Commercial Brokerage” (Friday 11/11 10:30-12:00 Room 206 AB).

Some residential markets are in recovery, some remain soft.  One sure thing is that change is here and managing it using skill and knowledge is key to success no matter what part of the broader industry you’re working in.  Developing the skills necessary to focus on commercial RE is a big part of managing change in these uncertain times.

Speaker Bob McComb thinks the time was never better for residential practitioners to meet the commercial RE needs of their community:

“Now is the time for residential agents to expand their skill sets into commercial.  Previous barriers are gone, new tools once reserved for commercial are now available to everybody.  While we don’t know how long the residential market will stay soft, we know that it’s a good idea to learn how to ask your clients about their commercial needs.”

Bob’s talk will cover a long list of ways to start that conversation, right down to specific questions and approaches for residential brokers to use to “break the ice” and look for ways to add value to the commercial deal needs of your market’s many players.

Bob’s years as a California-based REALTOR® providing CRE training to all sides of the business is brought to bear in his talk.  And one theme:

“There’s a quote by Jim Rohn that I’d like to get out there,” said Bob.   “‘You must either modify your dreams or magnify your skills‘”   

magnifying glass

NAR 2011 Commercial Programming Preview: Preparing To Lease Buildings And Represent Tenants

If you haven’t yet registered for the REALTORS® Conference & Expo in Anaheim Nov. 11-14, it’s time to get on the stick, commercial practitioner.  This year’s commercial programming is really something special, covering the hottest industry topics with sessions led by the most accomplished professionals sharing their outlook.  Just some of the must-see programs:

Friday 11/11: Preparing To Lease Buildings And Represent Tenants – Richard Muhlebach, CPM, CRE: Richard’s popular presentation last year on Renegotiating Leases And Saving Tenants During A Recession brought his nearly 40 years of expertise to bear on the problem of finding the sweet spot between the interests of a struggling tenant and the interests of the lessor worried about vacancy.  This year, Richard takes a look at the specifics and distinct differences between leasing shopping centers and office buildings – from both sides of the deal.

“It’s about enabling the commercial broker to better prepare when repping either landlords or tenants in office building or shopping centers,” said Muhlebach.  “You need a lot of knowledge when leasing…and that’s the value you bring to your clients.”

Richard Muhlebach has almost 40 years experience leasing and managing commercial properties including high-rise office buildings, medical buildings, shopping centers and regional enclosed malls. He served as the Vice President of two California developers and the Vice President of Leasing for a Northwest developer. He developed and served as the President of a northwest commercial property management and leasing firm and sold the company to a national real estate firm.

Richard’s presentation begins on Friday November 11th at 8:30 AM in 207 AB.

4 Benefits to Owning Commercial Real Estate

Nicholas Dunlap, CPM, is the Vice President of Dunlap Property Group, a full service real estate investment & management firm headquartered in Fullerton, California. You can read his outlook on business and investing at his blog.

While some investors strategically amass their real estate investment portfolios, others enter into the arena accidentally or perhaps unintentionally.  And whether you are a seasoned investor who has weathered the storms of multiple real estate cycles or the accidental landlord who has recently inherited a piece of property, there are four benefits to owning commercial real estate that benefit you both.

Everyone knows that it’s wise to own commercial real estate and sure, there are the two obvious reasons: the potential for cash flow and equity buildup.  But equally if not more important are the two lesser-known benefits of tax shelter and the hedge against inflation that real estate can provide.   Combined, these four benefits far outweigh those of any other investment vehicle in the marketplace.

As I refer to commercial real estate herein, I am speaking of multifamily, retail, office, self-storage and commercial property types.  Whether you have 1 tenant or 100 tenants, your commercial property should generate income.  The aforementioned benefits are those associated with income property so it should be known that these benefits would also apply to a piece of residential property, like a condominium or SFR were it rented out to tenants.   Whether you start small and rent out a house, participate in a group real estate investment or acquire a commercial property on your own, you will want to be familiar with these benefits to enhance the investment experience and ensure the optimum performance of your portfolio.

Hear more from Mr. Dunlap at the IREM Fall Leadership Conference on Thursday, October 13 at 4:00pm when he participates in a panel discussion Tales from the Front: An Upfront and Honest Discussion on Starting Your Career.”