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Make Sure To Walk The Commercial Block At NAR Annual Convention And Expo

If there’s one place a commercial real estate practitioner can call home at the upcoming REALTORS® Annual Convention & Expo in New Orleans November 5-8, it’s the Commercial Block on the Trade Expo floor. In its second year, this dedicated space will play host to exhibitors with products, tools and services specifically focused on the commercial real estate industry.

The cornerstone of the Commercial Block is NAR Commercial’s booth space, where you’ll be able to talk to members of our team – including Jean Maday, the voice behind our Twitter profile, @commsource.   Jean’s our social media expert, and she’d be happy to spend hours  (well maybe not hours, but certainly a fair amount of time) teaching you how you can utilize social networks in your commercial business and for your own professional development.

While at the our booth, you can get a personal tour of the beta version and new features of, pick up a copy of the latest Commercial Connections newsletter, and find the latest materials from NAR’s commercial real estate affiliates including and RLI.

Other booths you’ll not want to miss include another one of our affiliates – CCIM. Here, you can speak with CCIM staff about individual coursework to further your professional development, and the requirements and process for earning the esteemed CCIM designation.

Directly across from the NAR Commercial booth, you’ll find ePropertyData (ePD) – the technology and data company owned by NAR which develops solutions for Commercial Information Exchanges (CIE’s) and Commercial MLS’s for REALTOR® associations throughout the country. Visit with Carl Peterson at the ePD booth and see for yourself how the ePD system can work for your association and members.

At the center of the Commercial Block is the Networking Area, a place for members to gather and network, meet colleagues and friends and share convention experiences. Throughout the weekend, the NAR Commercial team has planned some fun and engaging New Orleans “experiences” for you in the Commercial Block area – local musicians, sweet treats, and a good ol’ fashioned photo booth!

We look forward to seeing you at this year’s REALTORS® Annual Convention & Expo!  Remember, you’re always welcome to spend as much time as you want at your home away from home: the Commercial Block.

7 Tips To Build A Better Online Commercial Real Estate Brand

There are tons of branding, blogging, social media, public relations, and web presence sites on line that are full of general advice on “creating your digital brand.” You can pick thru many of the sites and save some general tips. You may also even use some of them to help build your online presence.

But what about YOUR commercial real estate brand?  What should Your Online commercial real estate brand be?

1.Be relevant: As in matter to your community.  I know these sounds simple and basic but, take a look at yourself online.  Do you have any connection to your local market?  Are you telling the real story, not some PR BS?  Better yet, are you talking to the market at all?

2.Reduce the barriers: How are you interacting?  Are you creating conversations and dialogue?  Are you a real person?  Can you communicate beyond the deal?  Authenticity is not a cuss word.

3.Share liberally: You have an incredible base of real estate knowledge. Give it away.  Help your client base and help your non client base.  People will notice.

4.Paint the future: Today’s reality is fine. What is the commercial real estate future going to look like?  Give your point of view.  Are you still hoping the market will go back to the good old days?  Create the future. Help create the market.

5.Provide latitude: Open your mind a little bit.  Not everyone thinks commercial real estate is so great.  Get different points of view. Look at other industries and interact.  Let your clients see that you are open to all sides.

6.Solicit insatiability: Passion, do you really love commercial real estate?  Let the world know why you are in this business.  They will respond to that passion.

7.Offer connection: Is it just a gleaming shot of a sky scraper and two guys shaking hands next to your logo? Is there a Contact Me form that goes to info dot somebody? Just a name, sign and office number?  Is that the only way to connect to your commercial real estate brand?

Relevance, authenticity, sharing, connection, creativity. Does this sound like your online commercial real estate brand?  The market and the clients in commercial real estate think it should. What are you doing today to help create your online commercial real estate brand?

[Duke Long is a guest blogger at  Reach him at his site or at [email protected]]

Follow Friday!

Looking to network with the commercial real estate market’s leaders in social media?  Here’s a list of folks from our @commsource Twitter community who would make for great following on this Follow Friday!


michael_mba – great retail background, super RT’er, pays close attention to conversations, member of the #crejavaclub


@CoyDavidsonCRE – super social media & blog expertise, and knows the office market in Texas


@garancommercial – good stuff from Texas


@BarbiReuter – Tucson AZ leader from PICOR (member of the Cushman & Wakefield Alliance), and founding member of the #crejavaclub


@Michael_TXJ – new to Twitter, great source of industrial real estate info in Texas


@commgate – the source in Houston for Commercial Real Estate


@BoBarronCCIM – a friend to all in KY, member of the #crejavaclub, and good guy


@neiljohnsonCRE – Neil knows what’s going on in the Chicago suburbs in commercial real estate, member of the #crejavaclub


@colliersAZnews – An outstanding follow from Phoenix and Colliers, member of the #crejavaclub


@rshall03 – well informed from Austin, TX on commercial investment


@SB_CRE – daily news on the commercial real estate industry and super friendly!


@foxworthCRE – Charlie knows Industrial in Southeast Texas (just met him at TAR Convention – he’s super nice!)


@COMRE_ – great source of info for Utah, Nevada and Washington


@dukelong – passionate broker/owner from Indiana with a solid blog and good conversationalist.
@rpliska – a SVN director sharing some great stuff from Detroit, Michigan


@maggiacomo – a social media enthusiast and President/CEO of Sperry Van Ness, not to mention passionate about his employees and contributing to their success


@commercialScott – local leader and great teacher of social media – his enthusiasm is catching!

Live Chat With Bob Potter: Listen Now!

Selling Real Estate Services by Bob PotterListen in while Bob Potter, commercial sales and strategy expert and author  of “Selling Real Estate Services:  Third-Level Secrets Of Top Producers” has a 29-minute chat with an NAR Commercial webinar audience on Sept. 10, 2010.

Included was enhanced content from the book, and audience Q&A.

As Roger Staubach, former Dallas Cowboys legend and commercial real estate mogul put it about Bob’s work:

“Selling Real Estate Services shows you how to stop being a vendor and start being a partner.  Bob Potter’s Third-Level concept will help you win more, have more fun, and build greater client loyalty.  It’s a playbook for success.”

-Roger T. Staubach, Executive Chairman For The Americas, Jones Long LaSalle, and founder of The Staubach Company

Pardon Our Dust! has some significant changes in the works.

First, you will notice that it looks different! We’ve undergone a refresh in the design.
Second, you will notice new content on the site, truly making us your source for all the resources commercial practitioners need such as:
News & Events – Up-to-the-minute national and regional commercial real estate news and Twitter feed of all the commercial conversations occurring in the social media world.
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Broker Tools – Browse all of the products available on
The Source Blog – A place to share your views and perspectives on the industry and your markets.
Third, you will notice that some of the functions on the site might be temporarily unavailable at times.  Those webpages that are affected will display an “under construction” notice when you click to open them.
We regret the inconvenience this may cause you in utilizing the site.  If you have questions, we’re here to help!
Contact us at [email protected] or call us toll-free at 800-874-6500 and request a representative.
Thank you for your patience – more upgrades to the site are on the way and your feedback is vital to helping us build the site!

Commercial Property Alternative Use: A Funny Photo-Blog

Photo: Liz Clayton

Sometimes alternative use or repurposing of commercial property leads to a chuckle or two.  But did you know that it happens often enough to form the basis for an entire web site?  Check out Not Fooling Anybody, a photo-blog documenting the imperfect and amusing in building repurposing in commercial real estate.

When a retail franchise or chain builds to their own recognizable spec and then that building is sold to another operator, often there’s not a whole lot the new commercial property owner can do to ensure their own identity is foremost on the minds of passers-by.  Particularly when a giant bucket of fried chicken remains perched upon the signage.

What once were Burger Kings, Dairy Queens, or IHOPs now sport local restaurant chain identities or, as in the above picture, entirely different businesses.  As NFA’s Liz Clayton puts it in her “chronicle of bad conversions and storefronts past”,  “Let us rejoice in bad conversions and seek to amuse ourselves with them wherever possible.”

Mission accomplished, Liz.  For more information on how NAR Commercial members have been handling creative repurposing, check out the current issue of our Commercial Connections newsletter (PDF available for download at the link).  Start on page 10 with “Working in a New Market: Buildings and Businesses Adapt”  and the following piece “Is A Building Re-Do For You?”