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Come On Over And Say Hello At The 2010 Florida Realtors® Trade Expo‘s own Jean Maday and Carl Peterson will be at booth 107 at the 2010 Florida Association of Realtors® Convention and Tradeshow starting today in Orlando.

It’s on our minds to establish as NAR’s new home for the commercial real estate industry and a great member benefit. Jean and Carl are on hand at the Sebastian Ballroom at Rosen Shingle Creek to get that done face to face with the Florida Realtor® community. They’ve got answers, details and of course free stuff for members.

Old-fashioned networking never really goes out of style, does it? 😉

We’ve Got “Flex Space” At The Source: Want To Guest Blog?

NAR Commercial is looking for respected and accomplished Commercial REALTORS® to guest blog here at‘s blog The Source. Members: here’s your opportunity to step up and help out the whole community by leading the discussion and sharing your experience and acumen with your industry. Interested?  To get started, drop a note to Jean Maday. Email: <!–
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So you’ve got something to share, but you’re wondering how to blog?  We’ve made it easier than ever. Usually the first things a new blogger needs to figure out – what software, what host, what design – is already taken care of here.  The great thing is you can focus on your expertise and let us handle all the technical details.

What kind of expertise?  You name it.  Do you have a unique perspective on a commercial real estate sector?  Do you know your region like the back of your hand?  Do you have an incredible idea – or a strong take on an existing trend?

Share your unique perspective here.  Check out this clip for a quick overview of what you can expect from blogging: Blogs In Plain English:

Commercial Real Estate Tech Tutorial: Understanding Web Hosting

If you want to own a website, one of the many things you need to consider includes web hosting.  Picking a web host is similar to the choice a commercial tenant makes when evaluating locations for a business.

A website can be thought of as a collection of web pages  – computer files containing words and pictures and other items. In order to be reachable by anybody in the world on the web, these files will have to be stored in a “super computer” along with high speed internet connection. These computers are known as servers or hosts.  All the files that make up your website will be put upon a server.

It is the web hosting providers who provide such services and it’s the web hosting company who is responsible to host your website.

The servers which contain the files are located in a special place called a data center. A data center is in the form of a room or a building with extra electrical and cooling and lots of fiber-optic data connectivity.  It is here where a fast internet connection to servers – and to your website – is provided. The data center also provides physical security – for the entrance for fire protection, electricity backup etc.

It’s important to understand that a server is very different from a personal computer.  A good comparison is between a bicycle and a semi-truck.  They both have wheels, use roads, and are vehicles, but that’s where the comparison ends.

A personal computer may have a single processor, sing hard disk drive and single power supply but a powerful server will usually have 2 or more processor. This facilitates the server to work faster and process more applications at the same time. Hence, websites are always hosted on servers and not on personal computers.

Welcome to The Source for Commercial Real Estate

Conversation. Comments. Connections.

Our goal in creating this blog is to be the place for commercial real estate practitioners to share their views and perspectives on current industry news, issues and frankly – about what is going on in your market area.

The website exists to be an aggregator of commercial property listings, news, resources – and you.   Here we’ll post industry data, new technologies and articles on relevant issues.   You’ll find insight and commentary on legislative advocacy, information and analysis on trends, and tips on how to use new tools to help you in your daily business practices.     We’ll also share with you thoughts from the road – as we take to various industry conferences and REALTOR® conventions.     And, there will be a recurring Member Spotlight  – where you can be the featured post!  Look for details at the end of this week on how you can participate in this interactive feature.

One of the things you’ll notice about the layout of this blog, along the right-hand side of the page, is a Twitter feed of our “tweets” from @commsource – the voice of NAR’s Commercial team, and    Keep up with our daily conversation, by following us there – and, if you are unfamiliar with Twitter and how to get started, we can help.

We’d love to hear what you want to see here – Share your comments and feedback!

Explaining “Beta” To Commercial Real Estate Pros

Blogging for the community of commercial real estate professionals means taking the conversation online. And as we all know, the online world and the “real” world have some pretty big differences.

One such difference is vocabulary.  The appearance of mysterious techie terms can be disorienting.  For example, our site is in a beta stage right now.

A what?

The good news for our understanding is there are plenty of parallels between the online technology world and the commercial real estate world.  Both are home to economic engines, commercial properties and development projects of all sizes and shapes and scales.  This means they share lots of important similarities.

Interestingly enough, the very word “real” appears in “real estate” thanks to a very old need to distinguish real, tangible stuff – land, buildings, improvements – from other kinds of property.

There are definitely properties online  – is one – so that means there’s development and sale and appraisal and utilization and all kinds of parallels to the commercial real estate world.

So what is a beta then?

As it turns out, we can turn to our own commercial real estate industry for help in understanding.

When a web site or a software program is in its earliest stages of development, techies refer to it as being “in alpha”.   That means it runs, but some features aren’t working right because it’s still being built.  This is similar to the early stages of construction on a commercial real estate project.

The next stage (and the next letter in the greek alphabet)  is “beta”.  This is where just about everything actually works.  The equivalent concept in CRE is early occupancy, where tenants contend with painters and last-stage electrical additions as the new property approaches prime time and its complete set of features appears.

So welcome to’s beta site.  Let the conversation begin!