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6 Types of Real Estate Homes to choose

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6 Types of Real Estate Homes to choose

When opting to buy any real estate property, the most important factor for many of us looking forward to be home owners is definitely the price. However, as a potential real estate owner, you need to also have a crystal clear idea on the type of house you and your family will be needing. In the following article we get to look at the top 6 most common categories of homes which can be considered when landing to home selection decision.

1.Single-Detached House

Just as the forename suggests, this is simply a house that stands separately and having all the four walls not attached to any other house. In other words, it has an open land all around it. At the basic level, even a bungalow, mansion or even a cottage could be called a single detached if it’s not having any building that’s touching it.

2. Villa

A villa may be a traditional upper class country house during the period of the ancient Romans, but today you could find some stunning villas in the real estate market. In the modern sense, it is an elegant and classy upper class country house. Similar to mansions, they feature larger area and refer to the homes of the more privileged. They typically feature landscape gardens and even the countryside.

3. Classic Cottage

A classic cottage features higher eaves-front wall for fixing smaller windows into the upstairs knee wall. They have relatively shallower roofs, and the chimneys could be either at an end or in the middle. Usually, windows have double hung sash and the main entry is at the center. They were developed on Cape Cod homes after builders realized that smaller modifications could create more working space in the upper floor.

4. Mansion

If you don’t have any limitation with regard to budget, one of the best types of real estate could be a mansion. As a general standard, they have an average area of around 8,000 sq.ft. Mansions feature many bedrooms and a large ballroom. However, modern mansions don’t have any specific requirement to be called so. All they need to be is to be large in size.

5. Duplex

A duplex is basically a two-fold condominium or apartment with different entrances for the living space. They are commonly found in two-story format with a common wall separating the two portions of the building. It is possible to extend the building into three or more units. Interestingly, this type of real estate is also known as a semi-detached house.

6. Row House

These are modern types of cluster-houses in an area with same architectural design. They are built side by side with a common wall. Usually, they are not as costly as single detached homes.


These are some of the leading real estate houses you could come across during your search. Now that you know the features of each one, it would become easier to make the right choice. As already mentioned, go ahead with the choice only after determining your budget. It would be ideal to get the help of a reliable agent who would be able to find better deals based on your requirements.

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